System error after License key changes


I have changed my Interworx dns server full license key with a new one domain license key in iworx.ini file and I runned this /home/interworx/cron/license.pex --sync to update license and also I rebooted the server, after all I got the following message:

[B]System error message
A system error has occurred. Please try your request again in a few minutes

[/B]Can someone know how can be fixed the following issues, without reinstalling the server?

I contacted the free license provider and Interworx support as well, none of them offered support for free license issues.

Many thanks,

Hi Bblori

I suspect your current server is locked to its IP address at the licence server on the old licence
I think you ned to login to your account where the licence are, and reset the IP address, then check the free licence IP address and activate
I hope that helps a little and sorry if I am wrong
Many thanks

Hello John,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply,
I reseted the old IP, activated the new one, but still no success :frowning:

Hi bblori

Please could I ask if you have only 1 domain listed in IW (no secondary, sub domains etc)

Also, does this domain match the domain IW CP use

I am thinking then you may have more then 1 domain and this is stopping it

Many thanks


hi there, i have got a new license key with a different mail id and the trial license key is with a different mail id… how to change it on the server side. pls advise


I don’t know what a “mail id” is that you are referring to, but here is some documentation on how to update the key on your server: How to: Change an InterWorx License Key — InterWorx documentation

As a note, all of our documentation can be found at, which redirects to the appendix site above.

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Mananger