System health warning - InterWorx database backup has failed

On the System Health page everything is green and Ok. But I don’t know what needs to be done to get rid of this warning:

InterWorx database backup has failed. InterWorx will attempt to make a backup at the next daily cron run. If you continue to receive this message please restore your latest InterWorx backup or contact support.

Help is appreciated.

Hi sysnop

I would think if this is the first time you have seen this message, I would wait to see if it appears again

However, I would make a backup of IW if you have not

If you see this message again, I suspect your only option is to restore from a backup or open a support ticket with IW

Many thanks


Hi John,

I don’t know how long ago this warning started but daily cron doesn’t seem to correct it. It’s definitely the first time I’ve encountered it. I’ll sit on it a few more days. Meanwhile, can you point me to the database tables we’re talking about restoring?


Hi sysnop

Many thanks

Interestingly I had the same issue the other week back BUT it was nothing to do with IW. A client deleted 3 domains and needed them back, but little time meant I checked if anything had changed and because it had not, replaced a backup copy of iWorx db using R1soft

This caused the same message so I had to replace a few iWorx db, namely horde and roundcube iWorx db

Reran daily pex and message was gone

So it would be iWorx, horde and roundcube db

I hope that helps a little but please update your post

Many thanks


That’s a big help John, thanks.

Unless there are server copies of what I need to restore that were saved as part of an automated process, restoring iworx databases aren’t an option because I haven’t been backing up the server in any way. I know – my bad.

As for the timing of this issue, the warning may have first appeared after a regular Siteworx account backup that failed recently, presumably because the partition was too full. I had been using the web server to store about 20 Gb of zip files and tarballs, so even if there had been enough space for the backup tarball I can understand why a backup script might choke while re-compressing these kinds of files. All of these big files are gone now so if partition space was ever part of the problem it isn’t now.

Other than that, I have no idea about the next step other than my usual course of action which is to wait it out like I do when yum update fails.

Here’s an interesting warning from the error.log in /home/interworx/mysql. The log is dated 4 days ago so I guess no new entries since then.

[Warning] /home/interworx/mysql/usr/sbin/iworx-db-2: Forcing close of thread 10093 user: ‘iworx_vpopmail’

Not sure if it’s related, but last week mail stopped delivering and was stacking up in the queue. Turns out maildrop was inadvertently removed when I was removing a repo I determined was causing yum update to fail (version discrepencies with something, I forget). Reinstalling maildrop got mail delivery working again and yum update got back to normal.

However, I’m a bit puzzled because I’m using Dovecot. Until now I haven’t given it much thought, but I always thought Courier-imap needed maildrop but Dovecot doesn’t.

Anyway, that about sums up the messy changes I’ve made that may be causing iworx database backup to fail. It’s looking like you might be onto something, John, with regard to mail client database corruption.

Hi sysnop

Many thanks and looks like your starting to get somewhere

Personally I would open a support ticket with IW and let them have a look.

It would probably be quicker and IW do explain

Hope you have started a backup routine

Many thanks


Jenna with support looked into this for me. Turns out daily cron is backing up iworx databases normally and there aren’t actually any failures. There’s just a quirk with how the system health page reports it because of changes to how the databases are backed up. A bug report was filed and a correction is forthcoming.