Testing Load Balancing

As a small test we want to try to loadbalance some dns servers using interworx and still be able to use the control panel (and graphs within nodeworx). Through the GUI there is no option for DNS (just http and mail andso).

I’m guessing the actual file that needs to be edited for that is protected/encrypted, but is there any other way that can be used to add port 53/udp to the list of loadbalanced servers through nodeworx ?

Thanks in advance

Interworx actually does have a DNS replication service built in, if thats what you’re after. You can have one server push its data to another server and that server push its data back to the other one.

If this sounds like what you need, I’ll post up some more details :slight_smile:

umm no, we are at this time only testing the load balancing… its in fact not even a webserver setup. We also won’t be using the actual dns server that comes with interworx but powerdns (i.e. the dns service within iworx has also been disabled).

Thanks, Nico

Sounds like you just need to use: The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster

Any of the servers in your cluster can serve DNS. An easy way to add round-robin DNS balancing is simply to advertise every node in the cluster on your domain record. If you’re familiar with LVS you can also just edit the ipvsadm config file to add in your custom rules as well for any other services you’d like to balance.


Editing the ipvsadm cfg file by hand (and restarting ipvsadm) isn’t the problem… that works (well… it sets up the load balancing and displayes the dns entry for LB also within nodeworx).
It would just be nice if it was also possible without manually editing files and just use the iworx gui.

Problem for now is the the LB is setup, but not yet working. Thats the next step :slight_smile: