Textarea Issue at Interworx Site

Hi folks,

Not sure where to report this, but I noticed on Interworx.com, all their textarea boxes that I have seen are without word wrap. As you type, it keeps going to the right and right… If I didn’t explain myself well, here’s the screenshot:

So far I have seen it on the contact us form somewhere on Interworx and also on the support helpdesk when you are opening a ticket. Not sure if this is also happening in other places. I am using Maxthon/Chrome, seeing same issue in both browsers.

Cheers. :slight_smile:



Thanks :smiley: I love it when you guys find bugs. I’m giving you the bug-hunter bronze award.

Hehe, thank you Trevor for the badge. :stuck_out_tongue: But can I know where is the appropriate place to report Interworx software related bugs and non software related bugs? So that I can do it at the right places. :slight_smile:

Noticed this has been fixed in support area. Good job :wink: And I also like the fact that you made the support area a responsive design as well along with your site!