The ExecCGI option in V3


In V2 I had noticed that the default vhost skel for ExecCGI was not so fine for most of admin
See this thread :

Indeed, generaly we allow CGI-SCRIPTS to be run only in a cgi-bin directory.

Why it is important for a server admin ?
Because like this it’s most easy to write a script that check which kind of CGI scripts users use !
If there is CGI Scripts everywhere in the doc_root it’s more complicated to follow up.

So what’s is new in V3 ?
You (interworx) changed the vhost-base.conf by setting CGI scripts definitions in a <location /> rather than <Directory >… Why not…

But you still allow CGI scripts to be run everywhere

<Location />
Options <<CGI1>>

end cgi

Which give

<Location />
Options +ExecCGI
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/account/

end cgi

I know it is possible to change this default config by editing the vhost-base.conf file, but why don’t set the default only like this ?

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /home/account/

Is there a good reasons to let cgi scripts runs everywhere ?