[Theme] The InterKit Project

Since I don’t want to hijack someone elses thread, I decided to start a dedicated thread for the InterKit project.

What is it?
The goal of the project is to create a modern InterWorx template that works well in all devices (Mobile, Tablets, and Desktop). the template implements the latest technology in responsive web design. Navigation is handled with an off-canvas navigation in smaller screens. And graphs are rendered using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.

What is it not?
The project doesn’t aim to extend the functionality of InterWorx. But rather to rearrange the available information and features, making the interface easier to work with, and for administrators, resellers and customers to easily get an overview of the current state of their system.

It’s possible that we will write plugins to handle some features, or changes in behaviour that we feel are needed, to achieve our goal. In that case, they will be published as separate projects.

The plan
The project is divided into several milestones. And the plan is as follows:

  • HTML mockup
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Stable [/LIST] HTML mockup The design and possible feature changes are designed and set in a demo HTML mockup. Anyone is free to contribute with ideas, code or resources (icons etc).

    The first stage of implementation, some JS, CSS, and HTML code from old template will still be present in the template. Several functions and features will be missing.

    Second stage of implementation. Remaining old code will be replaced with jQuery, JS, and HTML code compatible with the new system. Missing features will be implemented. [Feature complete]

    Release candidate
    Last stage before stable. The project is feature complete, and only bugs will be fixed. Hopefully only 2-3 releases will need to be made in this stage.

    The project is finished, and a stable version is made available. The project now moves into a management phase. Future releases will be security and bugfix oriented. We will release new variations of the template with major releases.

    What tech does the project use?
    The code is hosted on GitHub. And available under MIT license.

    The frontend framework is uikit. uikit contains most features that are available in Bootstrap, but a lot more lightweight. One of it’s main features is a built in customizer that lets the manager easily create new variations of a design, with custom colors, sizes etc of elements. The technology can be seen in YOOthemes ‘Warp 7’ based Templates for Joomla and Wordpress.

    jQuery is used as the Javascript framework, since it’s a standard in web projects today, and a requirement for uikit.

    Graphs and charts are rendered using jQuery modules like ‘knob’ and ‘flot’. This will allow us to build beautiful and interactive graphs.

    How to contribute
    Anyone is free to contribute to this project. You can contribute with ideas, sketches of design proposals, comments, translations, bug testing, code, and resources (icons etc).

    The current status
    We are right now in the HTML mockup phase, we are roughly 90% complete with the first screen, and currently working on implementing the pie charts for HDD usage, and we are also looking at the current InterWorx theme to see if we are missing any important features.

    Where can I contribute?
    This thread will be available (if the mods allow), for discussions. Ideas, bugs, and tasks will be tracked on GitHub. The latest version of the HTML mockup is available on the projects GitHub page

    The project is hosted on GitHub, and available here: http://github.com/Evanion/InterKit
    You can view the latest HTML Mockup here: http://interkit.evanion.se

    Important Notice
    I feel it important to point out that while several of the employees at InterWorx have shown considerable interest in the project, and expressed a willingness to contribute. InterWorx L.L.C is in no way connected with the project, and haven’t endorsed it. InterWorx L.L.C can in no way be held liable or responsible for the project.
    The project is released under the MIT license, and is available ‘as is’, without warranty or guarantee of support.


    • (2013-11-04) Pie charts on NodeWorx dashboard, NodeWorx users, and NodeWorx language pages committed to mockup.
    • (2014-02-21) Updated UIkit, added a login screen, and added a custom URL to the project page.
  • You have my sword, errrr mouse, Evanion.


    Why, I thank thy sir Trevor the cat! :wink:

    This is awesome! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    I love the design mate, well done.

    Mockup status updated. Check update section in OP.
    You can see the changes on the github page.

    Hi Evanion

    I hope you don’t mind, it is looking very good but I have thought of 2 things as follows:

    On the CPU graphing, is there any restrictions on how many CPU it will show (I mention this as we have 8 CPU, but I know there are some with 32 CPU)

    Do you think it may look better on the mount graph, if you only show a number, but show the legend for colour meaning (it may be more ledgeable if % are small to number fit.

    It’s just a thought, so please disregard and I hope you don’t mind me posting these two thoughts here, as others may have more thoughts.

    Many thanks


    Our servers graphs show 64 cores, breaking the current implementations legend.
    I already plan on accommodating larger CPU servers.

    Yea, I want something like that for the pie charts as well… Just needs some recoding.

    Looks really promising, I hate to ask, but since the last update was in November. How is the interkit project progressing?

    It’s progressing.
    I should have another update in the near future.

    Some minor stuff:

    • Upgraded UIKit to 2.3.1
    • Added login screen.
    • Removed ‘.html’ suffix from links (cosmetic fix).

    [QUOTE=Evanion;25289]Some minor stuff:

    • Upgraded UIKit to 2.3.1
    • Added login screen.
    • Removed ‘.html’ suffix from links (cosmetic fix).[/QUOTE]

    It’s looking amazing mate, when you’ve finished it, can you give us a PayPal link to donate to you, to show our support.

    Maybe it’s too early to say at this stage, but do you think there will be an option whether to place the sidebar on the left/right? :slight_smile:

    Yes, I have already planed for theme settings, and there is a button for it on the ‘/nodeworx/theme’ page

    Unfortunately I have been forced to pause the InterKit project, as all my time is taken up by other things.
    We are in the process of becomming a limited liability company, and at the same time, growing with a number of new people in the company.
    At the same time, we have 2 Startup projects in the works that I need to work on as well… No rest for the wicked ey?

    Did this project get killed off? The GitHub repo is gone. UIKit is a great framework, and this project sounded very promising. Does anyone have a copy of the project? I’d love to see how far along it was.

    Hi jimp

    Evanion has not been on the forum for some time which is why he stated he was busy with other things.

    This was evanion build and was looking lovely but I guess time has gotten the better of him to finish his project

    Heliotrope is based on boot loader I think, so you could copy/download this theme and play with it.

    It would be lovely if users uploaded some of their themes.

    There is also another theme which was uploaded but I cannot remember it?s name, but a lot of users liked it/use it.

    I am not sure if anyone has downloaded evanion theme sorry

    Many thanks