Themes How-to


Where can i find the losts link [] ? :slight_smile:

There is any theme skin how-to?



It just moved

Mind telling us where the link you followed was so we can update it?


I’ve downloaded vanillaice theme and when checking files… i found that link at the file [vanillaice
odeworx\smarty emplates\vanillaice\setup.tpl]

When trying to upload a new theme… got the error “chown command failed in ThemeEngine::addTheme.” … any idea?

I think the docs have many broken links (or not yet completed?). I reach to the “not found” page atleast once every time I have been to the docs.

Any plans for the PDF version of the docs?

The docs are forever in the the state of construction – and prety much always will be. As new features are written, docs will be written about them. They are set up in a way as to match how they are laid out in the InterWorx interface, and as things move in Iworx they will likely change in the docs as well.

In most cases you should get an error that the page hasn’t been created yet error. Before they were “public” there were a lot more blank pages but the links to thise are closed until those pages are created. It’s possble we missed a few, or missed a link or two when something moved.

We will have FLASH tutorials coming up, but thus far there are no plans for pdf – but who knows, maybe eventually when the docs are more complete. You are actually only the second person that I am aware of who has asked for them.

I have this error as well

chown command failed in ThemeEngine::addTheme.
any ideas what is going on? I followed the directions here

I am using version 3 rc4


[QUOTE=peterz;13119]I have this error as well

any ideas what is going on? I followed the directions here

I am using version 3 rc4


This is a bug in the theme code, and has been fixed for the final release. In the mean time, you can simply upload your nodeworx theme to:

/home/interworx/nodeworx/smarty/templates/<your theme name>

and your SiteWorx theme to:

/home/interworx/siteworx/smarty/templates/<your theme name>

Thank you… easy enough fix.