Third-party mail and DNS?

We’re considering using Interworx for a new project, but we use Cloudflare for DNS and a third party email solution. Is it possible to completely disable mail services on the server but still receive Interworx notification/account emails? We don’t want the server handling email for users at all.


There’s no way to really disable all mail services on the server and still get messages from NodeWorx. However, you can disable local delivery for SiteWorx accounts:


I read this and a thought came to me

As Iworx-Jenna posted, all mail can be disabled for local siteworx accounts.

You could then add firewall rules to only allow your IP address to access mail server on server

You could then add a rewrite rule for webmail to goto your server FQDN for webmail and then use htaccess rule to only allow your IP address to access webmail on server eg mysiteworx.url/webmail redirect to serverFQDN.url/webmail

The above would only work if you had a external static IP on your broadband connection. A dynamic IP address would mean you would need to keep changing the rules

I could be wrong though sorry

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I could try that. The issue isn’t so much users creating non-working email addresses, but for security reasons that I don’t want a pointlessly open port or something running on the server that will never be used.

Does Interworx have another way of receiving notifications besides email? Or is there like a subscription/notification API hook, where we could code something ourselves?


Interworx do have API for nodeworx and siteworx and I think your looking for Health status if I am correct in my understanding

Here is the API link for nodeworx Health and st very bottom of that page, there is a reroute function to another IW controller I think

You maybe better asking IW directly by a ticket though, as the API function maybe more then what is shown on the page as it is awaiting further updating for API descriptions

Controller: /nodeworx/health — InterWorx documentation

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