This IP Address is not controlled by an InterWorx-created config file.

Hi all,

This IP Address is not controlled by an InterWorx-created config file. Some options may be disabled.

Where and what needs to be edited? the Ipv4 is not Managed by Interworx.

Centos 7.x, v6.3.15


Hi bblori

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Sorry I am not fully understanding your post

If you want to manually edit the ip as it is not controlled by IW manager, then you would need to ssh into server, run as root or sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-your nic

First look to what it is though, by ssh into server cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts


Look for ifcfg-

As an example, on our test server there are 4, ifcfg-em1 ifcfg-em2 etc

Exactly what you need to change if anything is hard to say unless you post what your trying to do

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Thanks d2d4j,

I don’t know if this is the proper way to fix this issue.

I created the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:iw1

With the following:

IPADDR= my_ip

service network restart

Now the the IP, Managed by Interworx is set to yes :slight_smile:

Centos 7.6

Hi bblori

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I suspect your looking at the 1 nic IW cannot control which is the actual network for server prior to running IW installer

IW can create many ip addresses itself and adds them as you have created

The initial IP address though, we leave outside of IW

However, should anything go wrong with IP Address or it needs changing (this is the IP address prior to IW installer been run) then you can edit it manually. However you may need to be at the actual server if no network is working

The above though is usually used if day you change your network range/cidr

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Hi John,

Helpful answers here, but what if Network Manager puts two IPs in ifcfg-eth0 (IPADDR0 & IPADDR1) as opposed to just the initial IP? Nodeworx reports my first IP as eth0 and the second as eth0:0, so would it be ok to leave it this way as long as it works? Even if I put the second IP in ifcfg-eth0:iw1 (manually because iworx doesn’t do it as expected), Nodeworx still shows the second IP on eth0:0 after restarting services. It seems like just one ifcfg NIC file is necessary for everything to work, then let iworx do its thing with eth0:iw1 if and when needed, e.g. when a separate pair of IPs are added. Two different ifcfg NIC files don’t seem to be needed for one initial IP and one extra.

In some cases Nodeworx won’t install the second IP and throws an error until I manually create ifcfg-eth0:iw1, add the IP and restart services. Other times Nodeworx installs a second IP and creates the ifcfg-eth0:iw1 file on its own. I don’t always know what to expect from Nodeworx. Additionally, all IPv6 addresses installed by Nodeworx end up in ifcfg-eth0 whether an ifcfg-eth0:iw1 file is present or not.

Interested in your thoughts and best practices.

Hi Sysnop

Good questions

I think it comes down to your personal preference

We do not use network manager to control initial setup and always manually setup the nic when first install - so we do not see this issue

Both work but having separate ifcfg-eth can make it easier to follow/see what is setup and I believe there is no impact on nic performance either way

What IW-CP are you using and Centos 6 or 7

Also, be aware IW is been made more CloudLinux friendly, so the behaviour may change perhaps going forward

Many thanks


Hi John,

I’m using the latest IW with CentOS 7 with many installs and experiments lately, so I’ve been keeping the license server busy.

Using just ifcfg-eth0 without its :iw1 sibling was working well. But at some point IW created ifcfg-eth0:iw1 and inserted the server IP, which I thought was strange. So I corrected it and decided to stay on the IW course with a :iw1 NIC, which answers my original question.

The thing is, the :iw1 file isn’t created while installing an IP in Nodeworx. I end up creating it manually like I described earlier, and that’s when the IP shows up clean, green and working in Nodeworx. Just a bit of confusion that gets sorted out after experimenting enough times.

Thanks, and I hope you and yours across the pond are well!