[Tip] Migrating SSL certificate with lost private key


You have an installed SSL certificate on an Interworx box, and want to migrate to another box without re-keying, but you’ve lost your private key.

You need to use the “Migrate Existing SSL Data files” option under Siteworx for the desired domain, at “SSL Certificates”.

This option requires two things:

  1. Your private key (issued to you when you requested de Cert)
  2. The Certificate (that you can get re-issued from your SSL cert provider).

If you’ve lost your private key, you can go to the box where the certificate is already installed and retrieve it from a file like:


For example, if your domain is “mydomain.com” and username for that domain is “mydoma” you can do from SSH as root:

cat /home/mydoma/var/mydomain.com/ssl/mydomain.com.priv.key

If still can’t find it then try this to look for the exact path:


locate mydomain.com.priv.key

And that’s it. You’ve got the two requisites to migrate your certificate.

I needed this to make an exact copy of a site being load balanced between two boxes and need exact SSL information on both boxes.

Hope it helps someone.