tmobile G1?

Anybody out there have the google phone? I’m going to be in the market for a new smart phone pretty soon here I think. What do would you recommend? The new one from palm looks kinda nifty.

A friend of mine bought it, and already he’s had to send it back. Typical HTC product… HTCs always tend to fail apart after a few months of even light use. My brother has been through about 3 HTC phones (on Nextel) since he signed on in 2007.

Go with the Blackberry Curve via T-Mobile, because they’ll unlock your phone after 90 days, and T-Mobile has pretty good service if you are traveling abroad. I’ve had mine for about 8 months now and I have yet to have a single problem knock on wood. The only real issue I have is that I have to use Windows or OS X to sync it. There is an unofficial Linux client, but I have yet to try it out.

Given my experience with my current phone, I need a phone that will survive being dropped a few times a week :(. Maybe I’m too clumsy for a smart phone.

Check these cases out. At CES 2 years ago the Otterbox rep invited people to throw his PDA on the floor and step on it. At the end of the day his PDA was fine.

The iPhone 3G is a pretty solid phone compared to the original model, I’ve dropped it quite a few times and never noticed any dents/scratches… although I managed to scratch the back of mine today and am not really sure how (no drops, etc.). But I guess that’s to be expected.

Who is your provider? You are in the NE so I would guess Verizon, but who knows right?

If you are with AT&T just go with the iPhone. The iPhone is a lot more sturdy than it looks and pretty scratch resistant, especially the screen. Now that it’s been on the market a while there are a ton of cases. I’ve seen some cases that look like they are meant for like construction sites or something!

If you are on Verizon I think the BB Bold has gotten pretty good reviews. So far the BB Storm was a flop.

For Tmobile and the google phones…well they don’t really seem to be getting any traction (yet). There was a big fuss when they first came out and now I rarely hear about it anymore.

The phone to have is still the iPhone!

My current provider is Sprint, but I’m not married to them.


You totally need a 14 year old asian girl phone like me!

Then you can text 14,000 messages/month like me too :smiley:

I’ve been trying to talk him into an iPhone for a while…the fact that I can SSH into servers to troubleshoot things while I’m out and about helped, but I haven’t convinced Paul that he won’t just destroy it.

He likes to throw his phone in the air and (usually) catch it when he’s thinking. I think he needs one of those old yellow rubber-padded nextels. :slight_smile:

hey, I installed pssh on my centro and I can ssh into servers while I’m out. I do half my work from my phone cause it seems I’m always running around somewhere.

Hey, those Otterbox cases even come in Steelers colors!

The SSH client on my Blackberry curve is (while not perfect) quite useful. There’s nothing quite like writing a PHP script in VIM from a smartphone.

And it’s a GOOD thing that there’s nothing quite like it…my thumbs (and brain) hurt just thinking about that.

Though for being a 1337 |-|4ck3r, that’s probably the way to go!