Trouble Recreating a Site / Domain

I had a site / domain setup in the server control panel (nodeworx), lets call it and it had pointing to it. I deleted and then attempted to re-create a new site with as the primary domain instead. It told me the domain was in use and that it had a DNS record already. I went to the DNS record and deleted both and and then went back to try to create as a sole site (with no pointing domains) and it tells me that the site already exists, but it clearly does not. Perhaps something didn’t get deleted in some database somewhere saying that and sites are deleted. Is there some way to correct this?

Hi Psisphere,

When you add a SiteWorx account or a pointer domain, vpopmail is notified of the domain so that vpopmail knows to handle mail for that domain/pointer domain. It’s possible that when you deleted, something went wrong, and vpopmail wasn’t told to delete

Before running the fixes, double check the steps you’ve already taken:

1.) Make sure and are deleted from SiteWorx and do not appear there.
2.) Make sure that there are no DNS zones for and

Also, and this is important, check the permissions on
the /home/interworx/lib/mysql directory. This directory should have 755 perms, and the files within should have 644 perms. When the permissions are incorrect on these files, we have seen problems with SiteWorx adds and deletes not working properly. The fix is to run:

chmod 755 /home/interworx/lib/mysql
chmod 644 /home/interworx/lib/mysql/*

Then, from the command line, as root run:


See if that fixes the problem,

Okay, thanks for the reply, I am still having trouble with this though, the permissions for that folder were not set correctly but now that I have set them, I guess that will help to ensure the problem doesn’t happen with other sites in the future however it’s still happening with my / domain, everything I try it is telling me that it still exists. I have searched all over trying to find an entry somewhere to remove but nothing appears to be working and I am unable to add this site again.

I can add other domains no problem, just not these two, do you know what else I might need to modify in order to correct this?


Please open a support ticket with your root and NodeWorx login information and we’ll check it out.