trouble with yum update


On one of my servers sqlite was installed for some reason quite some time ago. However, I am unable to do yum update which results in following error:

Transaction Check Error:
  package sqlite-3.5.9-2.x86_64 (which is newer than sqlite-3.3.6-5.i386) is already installed

yum erase sqlite lists too many dependencies and yum downgrade sqlite doesn’t work as yum doesn’t know what to do with downgrade.

Any ideas appreciated!


Hi John,

Usually if yum wants to remove too many things you’d want to uninstall the package using rpm. Example:

rpm -e package


rpm -e --nodeps package

to make sure nothing important is removed.

Yep thats what I ended up doing and I was able to resolve my issue. I forgot to update this post.


no problem, just wanted to get the answer out there for future folks who might search this forum.