Trying to convince KnownHost to start offering Interworx!

I think it would be cool if all those VPS companies would offer Interworx!

This is what I posted on KnownHost’s forums. I really hope they do that. It would be awesome!

Thanks for shout out! I’ll get in touch with them and see what I can do – any other specific hosts you think would be good InterWorx candidates? :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!!!

TMZVPS is another. I have a VPS from them.

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Sorry to dig this months old thread. I, as end user, think Interworx is very cool and easy. But why not many hosting providers want to use Interworx? Is it because they have to invest more time to learn a new control panel? It’s really hard to find one, and I ended up getting a license for myself directly from Interworx.

I wish more hosts had it as well. and KH has 3 control panels they offer allready so I don’t think it would hurt to have another. Same with any of them. They can easily manage this… I think everyone here needs to convince more hosts to offer it. I am trying.

Umm KH has 4 control panels? I thought only cPanel, DA and Plesk?

I think Interworx should be part of these big guys. Or even be the next after cPanel. I tried all them all, I like Interworx more than DA and Plesk. Maybe it’s just me. lol

I like the way you guys think :slight_smile: Let me turn the question around, though – what do you think we should be doing to appeal more to the large hosts and their customers?

I think the first step is that we have to list out what are the reasons why a large host not considering Interworx. Then only we will be able to tackle each reason for a solution or defend towards the reasons. I am not a very techie guy I don’t know how price/risks/stability of Interworx will affect their speculations. It seems to me they do not want more control panels, perhaps because they have to “learn” a new control panel and the more is not the merrier for them as a hosting provider. I am not saying Interworx is not popular at all, but Interworx has to be more exposed to the web hosting world. There are still people who don’t know what’s and who’s Interworx.

[QUOTE=Shyuan;22002]Umm KH has 4 control panels? I thought only cPanel, DA and Plesk?

I think Interworx should be part of these big guys. Or even be the next after cPanel. I tried all them all, I like Interworx more than DA and Plesk. Maybe it’s just me. lol[/QUOTE]

Sorry, you’re right. My bad.

Cheaper than Cpanel and It has a shiny looking, more logically laid out UI while Cpanel’s is kinda looking dated. I am able to find stuff in Interworx easier then Cpanel/WHM.

Also having choice reflects positivley on the skills of the hosting company, that they are able to learn new things easily and are open to customer feedback.

Trying to convince KnownHost to start offering Interworx!

To appeal to users of cPanel?

Then I guess you’d want to up your pricing, offer really poor support all for a product that is shoddily coded, a pain to use and hasn’t fundamentally changed in years. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please don’t do that though!

Joking aside;

I think really you guys perhaps just need to do a bit more marketing, and maybe look at getting a more clear development roadmap in place (within reason that is, as I understand that some of such things are commercially sensitive and need to be kept quiet).

Your full IPv6 support in version 5 will be a massive bonus when released to the stable channel too - I don’t think any other major panels have this working properly yet, let alone as well as InterWorx. Be sure to leverage this in promotional strategy when the time comes, as in my opinion it’s really a feature worth shouting about.

In the marketing area one thing that could be powerful is putting more information on the site about the structure of InterWorx as a company, who all the staff are, and what drives the organisation forward. I’ve suggested the idea of an “InterWorx office blog” in the past, and this could tie in well with the above - letting people know you’re actually a bunch of real people, committed to the product and not just a bunch of Rent-a-Coder type temps.

One of the massive things for us in choosing InterWorx was the top class support we get alongside a great product. We feel confident selling InterWorx, because InterWorx are confident about InterWorx! Again, something you should all be proud of and shout from the rooftops.

Anyway, War and Peace aside, that’s my two cents on the matter. :slight_smile:


There are a few reasons why many hosts are not moving to interworx, and this has nothing to do with interworx being a poorer choice;

  • client preconception that cpanel is what they need
  • web designers (and others) advising clients that cpanel hosting is what they need as it’s easy for them to manage
  • Cpanel being widely supported with off the shelf billing systems
  • Rvskins and other multilingual addons being easy to add-in

At the tail end of last year, I actually had a client complain because we offered two control panels - namely cpanel and directadmin. It seems he wanted less choices instead of more. It made us think about our website, services and other offerings and for that reason we are redesigning our packages, website and looking to consolidate to one control panel across the board (if possible).

However, we are very comfortable with cpanel and directadmin and considering a change to interworx means that for a period of time, we will be “newbies” again. Albeit apache & centos is still the underlying OS and webserver.

What has impressed me so far about interworx, is that the end user CP (siteworx) is far cleaner and easier to use than both DA and Cpanel. Nothing is hidden behind menus and so one or two clicks is all you need to get to where you have to be (if that makes sense!).

Question for you all - which is something I have actively consdered (and still am) ; Do your clients / new customers care what control panel you use?

ie - when you advertise your products, do you say “interworx hosting” or “cpanel hosting” etc?

I appreciate all the thoughts and comments here. Obviously, we’re interested in better communicating the advantages of InterWorx over our competitors, and it’s users like you that will help us get there :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about a couple things in the near future and want to get your thoughts on them.

  1. Redesigning the “Products” page to be a “Features” page that gives an overview of InterWorx’s major features/capabilities as well as a guided product tour.
  2. Creating a series in “Intro to InterWorx” videos that show the basics of using InterWorx, setting up hosting, etc.
  3. Scheduling regular Webex-style web conferences about the basics of InterWorx for potential customers on the fence. We’d promote them on our site, but also through interested resellers so that their end-users can get a feel for InterWorx and we can answer any questions they have.

What do you think?

Great ideas!!! Any other ways I can help???

Thanks! Just let me know if you have any other thoughts – I’m always up for talking ideas :slight_smile:

Sure thing! :wink:

Let me through in my 2? here, since I had been using InterWorx since 2005 and until recently have not.

I will not go into all the details as to why we switched to just cPanel, long story, and I can tell you it wasn’t a easy decision, and today I really miss InterWorx (except the SiteWorx filemanager which isn’t a InterWorx product anyway).

Here are two areas I would really get my attention

1 - Come out with a Nginx version of InterWorx - That would be huge (one of the main reasons of the move to cPanel for us)!

2 - Varnish enabled InterWorx. I realize this is a specialty, but its part of our business model now thus another reason we had to move to cPanel.

R-n-R – thanks for your thoughts. We definitely miss you, too!

In the very near future we’re going to release a new feature request system that will let us better track which features are priorities to our community – both that you mentioned will be included in the initial set at launch.

I actually like Interworx more than cPanel. I contacted and asked if they would offer Interworx, they told me they would look into it. I think if we can get some of the hosts that are cheaper to start offering Interworx, it could probably gain traction. The cli documents are very well written, much more than cPanel. My advise would be to contact some of the hosts on vpsBoard( and ask them to offer Interworx.

Can you get in touch with Crissic?

Thanks for the lead! Just got in touch with them :slight_smile: