Trying to remove phpbb via scriptworx

I have two installs of phpbb (who knows why) and i’ve been trying to use the scriptworx to delete these.

I go into scriptworx, hit the delete button and … nothing

Sep 23 21:21:15 scriptworx.php [info] script begin
Sep 23 21:21:15 scriptworx.php [debug] scriptworx.php --delete massive1 phpBB 2.0.17 /home/massive1/
Sep 23 21:21:15 scriptworx.php [info] script end

This is from the iworx.log. I’m not sure if there is somewhere else I should look to see if it’s erroring.

I’ve since removed both /forum /phpbb manually from my server but they are still showing up in scriptworx and cannot seem to be removed.

How do I get rid of these?

Try restarting interworx

service iworx restart

I’ve seen that fix oddities like this

Oh, and deleteing the files is not enough, you will also need to remove the databases it created.

databases were deleted at the same time the files were. tried restarting iworx but it still yields the same results. Hit delete, refreshs and two installs of phpbb still exist.

I’d open a support ticket