Unable to sync iworx licence with a different IP (used IP, not a new one)

Hi All,

The license.pex script returns an error saying the key has “already been activated on a different IP,” meaning my server communicates with the license server (can ping it too). I reviewed and tried all 5 possibilities on the Interworx support page but no luck, including opening port 2443 completely (is 2443 supposed to be that way all the time or do we open completely for trouble shooting?).

Here’s what I did to cause the problem: Today I changed the host name using a Siteworx domain with a dedicated IP, so the server’s IP changed also – which is what I meant to do. That IP was added after the original IP and was bound to interface eth0:iw1. The first and former server IP was shared and bound to eth0. i.e., IPs were just switched around but the iworx license is stuck on the old IP.

I’ve also checked my DNS zones for anything inconsistent but nothing stands out, plus the server domain passes at MXtoolbox along with other test sites. I’m actually surprised the CP hasn’t blocked me at this point because I’m using it just fine except for the license errors.

Can records at the license server be reset by re-running the install or update script?

Hi sysnop

I believe you have to login to IW account from IW website and reset the licence IP address.

I personally use the first IP address in server from eth0, but start with ip from eth0 and run licence pex, if fails change your ip at IW website to your next ip and rerun licence pex, etc.

I do not believe records can be reset by retuning install or update scripts on your server, but I do not think you’ll have long before IW cp is restricted due to licence failure, but all sites will remain working, it only affects IW cp login

I’ll have to have a little think more though over your post, as it’s not the server name which caused this, it is your IP address changes

Many thanks


Hi John,

I failed to mention my server is a VPS and I’m using a reseller license. They tell me IPs have been reconfigured. My first question is about the network interface. Does the main IP need to be eth0 explicitly? i.e., does it matter which interface is used for the main IP?

Hi sysnop

Sorry, now you mentioned vps I seem to remember you’ve posted before stating vps.

As you do not have eth0, I would try first eth:n in list or perhaps try the IP address which qmail uses (subject to you not setting it).

To be clear though, let’s say you have 5 IP addresses, then your licence has to match 1 of those ip, so if your not sure which is been used for licence ip, just try first and go through them.

If your ip addresses have change from your original allocation, I’d check host file as well to make sure it does not contain any of the original IP addresses and only the new, same with namedvirtual used in apache.

I’m sure you know anyway, but you need to login to your IW account on interworx.com website and change your licence IP address before running licence pex.

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks


Actually John, I don’t have an Interworx account because I’m not a reseller. The host co controls the license and they already set up the license IP properly yesterday. To answer my question above, the network interface definitely matters. I edited the ethernet files inside /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/, rebooted, and the licensed sync’d first try and I’m back in Nodeworx.

I love this friggin’ control panel.

Hi sysnop

Glad you got it sorted.

Sorry, I didn’t fully realise you were on a reseller account sorry. I thought you might have mistyped.

I know we have 2 nics on seperate nodes, and it was an issue with licence pex, but it was a few years ago and it’s not a vps.

Do you mind me clarifying, is it the first eth:n which is used, as I seem to remember if we add additional ip, it seems to stop licence but could be wrong

Many thanks