Somehow I thought I saw a thread here about this before, but couldn’t find one…

There is no unzip in FileMan (only untar). Rollie checked the FileMan boards and found that they don’t plan on supporting unziping. Is there any chance of getting an archive section added to SiteWorx for Zip/Unzip Tar/Untar? I know implementing something like this myself would only take a few minutes, but I’d rather have something integrated into SiteWorx in this case.

You guy’s know it would be used since I’ve bugged you via support tickets to do this type of thing for me before :slight_smile:

Once you’ve uploaded a zip file to your site with the file manager, if you click on the file, it will open the zip and show you the contents… you can then use the menu at the bottom to extract those files and choose where you want to extract them to :slight_smile:

This is what I told someone else to try, but I guess I should have checked myself :slight_smile: I’m going to go yell at a couple guys :slight_smile:

CMI, try it out and let us know if that in fact works on your server. There may be a perl module that needs to be installed for it to kick in.


Hmm. Doesn’t work. Guess I can’t yell at them :slight_smile: I get prompted to download the file, both from clicking on it and hitting its check box and then “Edit”.

Same here. Who were you going to yell at again? :wink:

Here’s how you can fix this:

Log into your server as root, and run the following command

yum install perl-Archive-Zip

Follow the prompts, and when it’s finished, the File Manager should understand zip files.


Everything works fine now. Of course as soon as the files in the archive showed up my browser crashed, but since that happens from time to time, I’m sure its unrelated :wink: This should be a FAQ for sure :slight_smile:


I gotcha back :wink:

Well, I meant a NodeWorx box FAQ so people could install that Perl module, but that works too :slight_smile:

bahhh…I keep getting confused on whether im on the iworx forum or nexcess forum…boo…ill talk to paul about gettin it up!

This took me a while to figure out too so I’ve added it to my own InterWorx FAQ.