Update on update

Just wanted to check in and see what the outlook is on getting postfix and cloudlinux support. I know they were both on the roadmap for Q1 2020 but havent seen anything yet for an update. I have been following the version history and seen some progress, but curious if we are looking at the next month or so or if things got pusshed way back.

Mostly our hold up is lack of postfix.


I was looking for the same, I wait for an answer


I am not sure myself sorry, but I would consider developments are progressing albeit perhaps at a slower pace due to lockdowns been in place in many countries.

I know we have some devs who were caught out and not in a location with internet access (note we do not work for Interworx so this may not apply) and some dev work for clients have been placed on hold until lockdown restrictions have been lifted to allow travel.

I will forward to IW so hopefully IW-Jenna may have an update or be better positioned to update

If you need urgently though, a quick solution maybe to build a postfix server and tell IW to use that mail server for all clients (nodeworx, plugins, email, disable local delivery) and point MX to the postfix server

Many thanks and stay safe



Please be aware that the public roadmap is just a plan of goals, it is not a guarantee, so it is always subject to change.

Cloud Linux support is in final developer testing, though I do not have an ETA at this time. As I’m sure you can understand, they want to make sure to do as much testing as possible before it is released. I do believe it is in the final stages, however.

I asked the devs in our work chat about any modified Postfix timeline–due to the severity of the virus in the US, we’re all working from home remotely at this time, so sometimes there is a lag on responses to questions for each other, since we can’t just wander into each others’ offices to ask, anymore. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when I have more info on that, though.

Hi again!

I spoke to the devs and, while there is not an ETA on Postfix, it is still something being worked on. Are there any features specific to Postfix that you were looking for?


Thanks for the updates.

Jenna - I just wasn’t wanting to install anything with qmail. I am not in a huge rush. I had started looking at Interworx in Nov or Dec and was just hoping that you were further along than you are. I know the human malware has set everyone back on timelines.

I guess CPanel will get to continue to get my money for now.


Bumping this to see what the status is of Postfix. I have been montioring the Roadmap and havn’t seen anything about postfix being fully integrated since the 2019 COmpleted card

Postfix feasibility and manual conf setup

Completely functional postfix setup, manual scripting and confs.


Just wanted to confirm that Postfix is completely integrated.


At the moment, Postfix is not completely integrated. A lot of the absolutely crucial needs that Postfix was meant to provide have been taken care of through our addition of Dovecot and a few other manual additions to the email functionality. While we are still working on Postfix, there are a number of other endeavors that our limited dev resources are being spent on at this moment.

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