Update SW account


I allow my customers to change their accounts on line.

To do this, I’d like to use your API to automaticly update an account. Unfortunatly, I didn’t find the way to do this. There is no trace in the API doc to do this. Is it possible ?

The second pbm is that some clients want to change their accounts to have the CGI option enable.

As I can’t do it with the API, I manually change their accounts from nodeworx. But for the CGI option it is not possible.
So I directly change the /etc/conf.d/domaine.tld.conf file to enable CGI.

But I’d also like to update the Iworx database to enable the CGI option for this account.
If I understand well, I have to find, the siteworx_id of this user, then the the package_id corresponding, and change the “value_id” of the option_id/package_id/value_id in package_option_map ?


Nobody know if we may use API to update a siteworx account ?


  1. what do you mean by ‘update’ Pascal? Just the features?

  2. There is no way currently to do this via the API and I belive the next release will allow you to change this value after the fact like you’d like to but I’m not sure if the API hooks are in the next release yet or not.


1/ Yes, just the features, as the disk space, bandwidth, cgi or not etc …

2/ Ok, yet I’ve created a php pgm that update the iworx databases. So I may wait. But I found it was cleanest to do this using the API. (exactly as I create SW account)