Update to 2.1

error: %post(interworx-nodeworx-2.1.0-45.iworx.noarch) scriptlet failed, exit status 255

Is this something bad?

The short answer is the update failed most likely and I believe you just opened a ticket so we’ll check it out in just a sec.

It looks like YUM on many folk’s boxes is interpreting the prerequisites “differently” than it did before so if you see any upgrade oddness please open a ticket and we’ll check it out.

What’s odd is on our 10s of internal test and production boxes we didn’t see a lick of the yum issue :S.

Anyway, we’ll be checking this out in just a sec.


We’ve figured out the cause of this update issue some folks have been having with the update.

A new set of InterWorx rpms have been put up to resolve the issue (the 2.1.0-46 set).

If you have this issue and only have the 2.1.0-45 set installed, running
yum update

will solve the problem.