Update to date black lists


Can anyone tell me where I can pull up to date blacklists? Also, is there any automatic way for this to be updated within Nodeworx or do I need to cut and paste the addresses into the blacklist box?

Thank you

What ‘date blacklists’ are you speaking of Adam?


Up to date blacklists of spammers so this can be added to Nodeworx.


In NodeWorx under System Services -> Mail Server -> MTA Settings there is a box (on the right hand side) labeled “Realtime (SBL) Blacklists”

On my server I’m using the following:


I still get spam though.

After having numerousissues with SpamHaus, we will never use them as RBL’s.

We had a huge problem with them about 2 months ago, where they blacklisted an entire /24 because apparently one server,using ONE IP in that whole block was spamming. After much investigation by the server provider, nothing was found, yet SpamHaus, when we contacted them said that they could only block entire ranges and told us to look elsewhere for servers!! :frowning:

This was one of the reasons we have/are moving to our own IP Range so that we have much more control :wink:

Unfortunately spam is on a wild increase at the moment. I believe latest Postini reports say that over 90% of emails sent worldwide are spam, and that in June, 2.5bn were sent, with November being nearly 7bn!

Drop me a PM and I can run through some options with you :slight_smile:

Generally how the ‘black list’ services find an IP to list? (like if they sense greater than a certain no. of emails from an IP?)

And will it be any helpful to limit the no. of emails that could be sent by an end-user (may be depending on the package they are on) for safeguarding us from black lists? (I know of a provider who does limit the no. of mails sent, and they also seem to use qmail)

If so, will iworx have this feature in the future?