Updating Apache to 2.2x?

Caveat: I’m a moron. Let’s just assume that, and we’ll get along fine :slight_smile:

Now then, I’m wondering if there’s a mechanism from within IW to update Apache, either from my current 2.0.5x to 2.0.61 or directly to the newer 2.2x versions.

While I’m not convinced I need to update (everything seems to be working), I’d like to bring my environment up to speed to take advantage of some of the security updates. Something in the back of my mind really likes having the current stable release of any software I run.

If there’s not a way to do it from IW, can anyone recommend a good guide for morons, idiots, and other other nescient web wannabes? The Apache site mentions being able to do incremental upgrades (within a dot reference) by finding config.nice but I’m a little confused since I can’t find that file, nor do I have any clue about how it might affect the sites I host.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

hi lightning:

if you are already running 2.x then i wouldn’t worry about upgrading for now unless there is something the the 2.2 changelog that presents a compelling reason for you to upgrade. the old axiom remains true, “…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…” i suggest really taking a look at the “need” part of the equation.

i am not aware of a way to upgrade httpd through IWORX. if you do need to upgrade, as root you can do:

[server@host]# yum update httpd

then, you should probably restart IWORX:

[server@host]# /etc/init.d/iworx restart

before doing anything, check about any compatibility issues FIRST. anyone else have an opinion?

just my $.05 (inflation)


The main reason I’m interested in upgrading is security. There are a number of ‘fixes’ from 2.0.5 to 2.0.6, but I figured if I take the time to make an incremental upgrade, I might as well consider the 2.0 to 2.2 jump.

I suppose a better course of action would be to install a duplicate environment on a private server and do some testing… but cost prevents that course of action.

Thanks for the input, btw. Using yum, how do I choose which upgrade to install?


[server@host]# yum info httpd

will show you what version is currently available in the repository. based upon your flavor of linux, you may need to use up2date instead. try yum first.

[server@host]# yum update httpd

will download the update and prompt you to enter a “y” to proceed with the upgrade. at the same time, any dependencies will be downloaded and installed. for instance, if apache needs a new library or needs to update an existing library, yum will automatically do this for you. kind’a slick! i would avoid an incremental upgrade as described on the apache site as this may require you to re-compile apache each time. generally, re-compiling should be avoided.

it is best to use yum for the upgrade as all your dependencies will be resolved. if you really don’t know what you’re doing, i will recommend a person who will do it for you and they guarantee their work. their fee is nominal and you won’t have any downtime.

good luck,

according to # yum info httpd, the only available version is the one I’m running… trying update httpd confirms this.

Does that mean I’m already where I should be, despite the dot-increase? I’d like your recommended person, via PM if that’s ok.

Thanks again!

hi lightning:

yes, stay with the version you have then (absolutely don’t do an incremental upgrade on apache at this point). yum info is letting you know that based upon your current config and kernel version (et al variables) on your server, the apache version you are running is current. i will pm you with the other info you are requesting. btw, what is your panel version?