Updating curl from 7.29.0 to 7.8.40

Hi, we have several Prestashops installed and it requires a higher curl version than the current 7.29.0 [default] This is required for using the PayPal module. Is there any reason why Siteworx is not upgrading this? Is it depending on CentOS version and lastly can we upgrade it manually to latest current version 7.84.0 with downloading the source and make it?

Siteworx 6.12.2
CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)

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Curl is an OS level package–it is not managed by InterWorx at all. The version is determined by the OS version, and you need to install a third party repo if you want to install a newer version.

I did some googling for you and found this doc: Update/Install Latest Curl Version on RHEL 8/RHEL 7/CentOS 8/CentOS 7 - CWP/VestaCP/Cpanel/Plesk - uxLinux

Following the CentOS 7 instructions I was able to update curl to the version you want on my test server successfully:


[root@testgajun9 ~]# rpm -q curl
[root@testgajun9 ~]#


[root@testgajun9 ~]# rpm -q curl
[root@testgajun9 ~]#

I cannot make any guarantees that this will resolve your issue, since it is not something we provide, and you may want to do some further research on your own, though.


Hi Jenna @IWorx-Jenna
Many thanks for your reply, it is good to know that Siteworx is not effected if I upgrade curl.
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