Updating SiteWorx SSL

I’ve read it’s best practice to create a new private key when renewing an SSL certificate vs just sending the same CSR to your 3rd party vendor to receive the certificate.

The issue here is when you delete the Private Key it removes the SSL setup. Would be nice if there was a way allow the current SSL certificate to stay online while getting the replacement. In my experience sometimes when applying for a new SSL they can put it into verification and it can take longer to get the certificate and during that time there would be no SSL on the website.

I know the trade off in the design would be making the SSL area in SiteWorx more complex, having this “pending” key setup, but I think this could come in handy. As of right now the only thing to do is create the private key and CSR outside of SiteWorx, wait till you get your new certificate and then paste them all in manually.

I just use the same CSR and Key…

Hi justin

I believe this has already been posted, and added to wish list/roadmap, but I could be wrong about been added, sorry.

I thought you were the one who first raised it.

Personally, I always start a fresh, and seem to recall the CA check if same csr was used, but could be wrong according to mikes post.

Many thanks


I thought I had mentioned it before on the forums as well, but after searching the forums for 5 mins I decided I just made it up in my head. :slight_smile: