Upgrade from IW 6.1.x to latest IW 6.8.x

How to upgrade to latest IW 6.8.x version from IW 6.1.x? Adn is it save?

It sounds like you are on the “Stable” release channel, which has been at 6.1.x for a while. We generally recommend the “Release” release channel. You should be able to change your desired release channel by logging into Nodeworx and going to Server -> Software Updates. Look for the section labelled “Update Channels” and then select “Release (Default)”. Then you can either run an update in the GUI or run yum update from the command line.

Upgrading from stable to release shouldn’t cause any issues, but if you run into any issues submit a ticket at support.interworx.com and we’ll take a look.

I did it before my question but via GUI “Check for Updates” no update available. From command lite it does not work too.

I recommend that you put in a ticket at https://support.interworx.com/

However, if you want to try to solve it yourself, you’ll need to provide some additional information. For instance:

What is the full version of InterWorx that you have installed? rpm -qa interworx should give you that information.

What is the output of yum repolist?

What is the output of yum update?