Upgrade Nodeworx / Siteworx PHP Version?

Is there a way to upgrade the PHP version that Nodeworx / Siteworx use? We have a server that is used for PCI compliance and we have it pretty much locked down except the scanner is complaining about the Nodeworx / Siteworx PHP version. It wants to see PHP 7.3 or later. Is that supported or should I just block that port and only allow certain IP’s for now?


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I would open a support ticket and upload the PCI scan so they can review

To answer your question over updating IW php version, I would say NO. Do not change any components of IW itself. You could break things and or weaken security etc…

Have you stopped port 2080 which IW can use for non encrypted access

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As John mentioned, there is no way for you to upgrade the PHP version that InterWorx uses for it’s own code. That comes from us. We are working on getting the InterWorx-internal PHP version upgraded, but issues have arisen as we attempt to support CentOS 6 through AlmaLinux.

Your idea to block ports and only allow certain IPs is probably the best workaround for the moment.

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