Upgrading MariaDB version on CentOS 7 InterWorx Server

Is there a supported method for upgrading the version of MariaDB?

I used this guide a while ago to upgrade before (maybe on a previous server).

Anything new since then?

Was provided this guide by my datacenter, looks pretty straight forward.

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As InterWorx runs its own internal instancef MySQL, users are able to upgrade their system-level MySQL/MariaDB version to whatever they would like, using whatever guide they would like. We do not have specific documentation on our end on how to do so. However, we do recommend using the remi repo, just in general.

The guide your datacenter provided should be fine. If you’d like to do a test run, I can provide a demo key for you.


Thank you for the offer! I am going to get a temp VPS / Cloud server setup and move over some of my bigger sites. Then give the MySQL update a try and test. So I will want to take you up on that offer for the Demo Key. Or I guess my datacenter can request it on my behalf when I get started on this and they setup my cloud server?

Whichever is easiest for you. :slight_smile: Just submit a ticket to support.interworx.com and I’ll hook you (or your datacenter) up. :slight_smile:

Hi Justec and Jenna

This works lovely and without issues as I tried it last week, but run out of time

It also virtually matches other threads about updating MariaDB

The only part missing from the instructions is once completed, you need to run upgrade mysql command

mariadb-upgrade -u root -p

Hope that helps a little

Many thanks


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