Upgrading phpMyAdmin 3.5.4 to phpMyAdmin 4.1.6

My newly installed InterWorks CentOS 6.5 server came with phpMyAdmin 3.5.4 installed. That’s old!

Does anyone know :-

  1. Why isn’t the latest version of phpMyAdmin available at IW install time?
  2. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t manually upgrade to 4.1.6 by enabling the myphpadmin repos as per http://www.tecmint.com/install-phpmyadmin-for-apache-or-nginx-on-rhelcentos-6-3-5-8-fedora-17-12/

Hopefully someone’s already upgraded and can let me know if I should expect any issues.


Hi andygmorris

I hope you enjoy interworx

Please see this forum post which should help, but please remember to correctly protect any new phpmyadmin etc.


I hope that helps

Many thanks



M? head is blowing off. How can i update the interworx phpmyadmin to the new version? I can’t found any repo, tutorial, documentation, or anyone about this problem.
This is unbelivable. The interworx use a very old and unstable version of phpmyadmin, and can’t create the update?
If i install the standard phpmyadmin to the server, the interworx is continues to operate?

Thank you

Hi spongedoc

Please see this post, which explains why you do not want to upgrade to myphpadmin of IW. However, as IW dan states, you can install any version of myphpadmin onto any siteworx accounts you want too.

I think the one click installers even do this for you softaculous or simplescripts

Many thanks