URL for redirection purposes

Hi, guys.

I’ve just set up a free hosting account here using the name of a domain I have registered and hosted by 1and1.fr. My aim was to redirect from 1and1 to my account here at freehostingcloud.

a. No matter where I’ve looked, I can’t find the URL of my account here for the purpose of the redirection from 1and1.fr. I need to put in the URL box;

b. I’ve also tried altering the DNS to ns1.free…etc. How long does that take to have effect, and what exactly does that do? Further, does that mean that my account here then becomes my default domain (when my 1and1 registered domain is typed in the address bar), even though my control panel with 1and1 will still show that my files are on their servers?


Hey gunwhale,
I think you have the wrong place. InterWorx provides the control panel software to hosting companies, we aren’t a hosting company. You’ll need to talk to tech support at freehostingcloud.com.

OK. Many thanks. But then I am indeed bemused by registering for an account with freehostingcloud and having all support pointing to a troubleshooter (doesn’t work), and a forum.

No sweat, I’ll try as you suggested.

Cheers again.