User Avatars / Albums / Profile Pics

Can someone test uploading a custom avatar / profile pic / album?

For some odd reason, the feature has been disabled. I just renabled it :smiley:

Whoever tests this for me will win an achievement! (Please contain your excitement though.)

Working fine :wink:

You should implement Gravatar, I’m sure there is a off the shelf plugin for vBulletin.

I’ll second the gravatar request :slight_smile:

Let me ask you guys this.

How do I make you guys happy? I give you avatars and now you want Gravatars. I’m going to let Tom Cruise finish out my message here:

I tease, I tease.

I’ll look for Gravatar plugins when I get a moment. :smiley:


Do you like Tom cruise though? Do you like him more than gravatars

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‘otack ?r v?rldens l?n’ / Swedish saying
Translation (not word for word): ‘One is rarely recognized for a good deed’
The word for word translation would be ‘ungratefulness is the worlds salary’