Using an Interworx box as a Proxy to an Exchange Server?

Good morning All.

I’m currently working with a client who uses an MS Exchange Server as the endpoint for their internet domain email, and is interested in having a level of abstraction and filtering prior to it reaching Exchange. I’ve looked at other email proxy options, but I was wondering if the Interworx CP might be a more complete fit for their needs. Is there a way to set up the Interworx system to accept mail, filter it for spam and viruses and then forward it to the Exchange Server? I know I could set up a timed POP of the boxes from Exchange but I usually get complaints from people about not “instantly” getting mail that was sent to them.

Failing that, I’d love to hear what other admins use for proxy options.


Phil Malmstrom
Diamond Computer Incorporated

I do this, well not exactly, but I foward all mail through my InterWorx server as my ISP blocks port 25 (both directions).

I just use qmails smtproutes file so that any mail coming in for domains on exchange box getfowarded to the IP of exchange. Now the reason I dont get spam filtering is b/c I have turned of SMTP level scanning and b/c these messages are FWD via SMTProutes it never gets sent for a spam scan. I do believe clamscan is at SMTP so I am getting that part of it.


I believe its possible to setup in NodeWorx, but I just do it from SSH.

Hi Justin, and thanks for the information.

I expect that turning on the SMTP level Spam Filtering would solve that problem as well. Now, if there were only a good way of having the Qmail server kill the obvious spam messages before forwarding the mail on to the Exchange server, I’d be right where they want to be.

Thanks again for the help!

Phil Malmstrom

Phil, yes, if you turn on SMTP level scanning that would work. Also, you can set an SMTP level drop score. So if a message gets ranked at X it will be dropped by qmail and never FWD’d.

Hi again Justin.

Thanks. That’s kind of what I thought but I hadn’t tested it.

Take care.

Phil Malmstrom