using iscsi mount for /home directory?

I’d like to use an iscsi target for mounting the /home directory.

Has anyone used an iscsi or nas device this way with Interworx? Assuming the CP doesn’t mind linking the /home directory to another partition, I can’t see why this wouldn’t work.

Hope you don’t mind me asking (just trying to learn) why would you want to do this?

Because I’m cheap! :smiley:

I’m just not sure if the project I’m planning on using this for is going to need this much space, but I also don’t want to get caught with a full / partition- this would be an interim solution created from a spare server I have with a true hardware raid card and ATA 133 drives.

I’ll be connecting to the secondary gigabit port on my new server. I figure gigabit ethernet speed is about the same as an ATA 133 drive, so it should be serviceable storage (if one emphasizes reliability over speed).

It works well.

For the record- it seems to work just fine in my testing.

  • Make a mount point on your local interworx installation
  • Configure your iscsi connection to be connect to the iscsi target at startup.
  • edit fstab to mount the target device using the following syntax: UUID=98bc9170-d591-477b-9ada-64eccc7701d /mnt/sdc1 ext3 _netdev 0 0
  • When the iscsi target is mounted successfully in the mountpoint, create a folder e.g., mkdir data
  • make a symlink for home to the data folder on the iscsi target
Lastly, set the immutable bit on the mountpoint (NOT the data folder) using chattr: chattr +i mountpoint. This will prevent any data from being written into the mountpoint directly. Learned this the hard way when I used such a mount for a nightly rsync to a USB drive- when the drive died on me, the rsync filled up the mountpoint folder and locked up the box.