v4.0 Scriptworx

After upgrading to v4.0 I’m only seeing Wordpress (although current) as a scriptworx download. Is this normal? When can we expect some of the other scripts to be added?

Hi there -

Sorry this has been causing confusion, but here’s the deal - we’re currently reworking Scriptworx. The scripts that were available were significantly out of date and had many known security vulnerabilities.

We decided that the inconvenience of not having access to the scripts was far outweighed by the risk presented by the security issues.

We’re continuing to maintain WordPress because it was by far the most popular script.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We’re actively working out a better solution.


Fair enough. Could I put in a request to have Joomla near the top of the list? :rolleyes:

Joomla is something I could probably do for you guys.

I just need to find the time to understand how its packaged together for scriptworx

We used scriptworx for some in-house developped products and customisations to standard products, so with 4.0 we can’t use them anymore? Is there a simple way to convert these scriptworx packages to the new version?

ScriptWorx is no longer part of Iworx v4. you have either a choice of SimpleScripts or Softaculous and I don’t think you’ll want your scripts on there for all and sundry to see.

You may be worth contacting SimpleScripts and see if, as a premium service, they’d include your script so that only your users could install it?

Of course that’s not an option for us. We used Scriptworx to provide our developpers with a quick and easy way to do a standard install and configure it to the client needs. Now these simple things will cost us much more time. I’m thinking about using a shell script now, because making this code available to the public is out of the question.

Yes, I understand. Hence I was saying you could see if SimpleScripts would do an agreement whereby you could let their system install your software, but only for customers going through to SimpleScripts from your servers (specified with your Host Key).

If you have a look in Server > Plugins, there is; “Event Hooks”, description;
“This plugin allows any custom server script to be executed after any successful interworx action. For example, you could have a script run that notifies you when a new SiteWorx account is created, or when a pointer domain gets deleted, etc. Any ‘input’ from the user that was involved in the action will be available to the shell script as environment variables, prefixed with ‘iw_’. See http://interworx.com/iworx-hooks.conf for a sample hooks configuration file. For even more control, custom plugins can also be written.”

Perhaps there’s something you can bend to work inside that?