Vacation mail stays in the local queue

I have a new issue that started after the last update. Vacation notifications don’t go to the sender and any mail destined for a local user are not delivered. They sit in the local queue and eventually expire. As soon as the vacation announcement is disabled any mail currently in queue is delivered. Even email from a local user to a local user does not get delivered if there is a vacation announcement.

Hi Zarthan,

Have you updated to the latest build? (4.7.0-338)

You can check with rpm -q interworx.

I am on interworx-4.7.0-337.iworx
Do I assume that the update fixes this problem?

I have been using the automatic updates. Should I use yum to manually upgrade? The website only lists the 337 changelog. Any other changes?

Go ahead and run ‘yum update’. This will not cause any problems with InterWorx. 338 was a small change that mostly fixed some glitches with ioncube, and did not warrant a full changelog. The update also corrects a permissions issue with the autoresponder, though, which is why I think updating will solve your issue.

Will give it a go.

Did the trick.