Vacation Message in Horde doesn't work after password changes in SiteWorx...

Good morning.

We recently went through changing email passwords for one of our hosting clients through SiteWorx. They can log into the webmail or IMAP clients just fine using the new passwords, but when they try to change the Vacation Message through Horde it gives an error message indicating that the update failed and they should check the username and password and try again…

Any thoughts?


Phil D. Malmstrom

Hi diamondcomputer

Please could I ask if your running the latest IW version, if not, you may want to update to the latest release candidate.

I believe from memory this a little bug and if it has not been fixed already, will still be with the devs

The current work around, if it has not been fixed is to set the vacation message from the siteworx account, which then sets it as you want

I hope that helps and sorry if I’m wrong

Many thanks


Hey Phil,

This is still an outstanding issue, but the development team is aware and there is a bug report on file. The best work around is to set the vacation message through SiteWorx as John suggested. Keep an eye on our changelog ( ) or feel free to submit a ticket any time to inquire the status of the developer ticket.