Very minor issue, but when looking at SiteWorx account list - All Ressler shows admin only

It seems like the filter All Reseller which is selected by default is only showing the Server Admin filter and not all the sites on the server.


Without a screenshot or the ability to see it in action, it’s a bit hard to know if I’m looking at the same thing you are. What version of InterWorx?

This is what my 7.10.2 (current IW7 release channel) server looks like–the default view shows all accounts on the server:

This was added in 7.10.0–if you are using IW6 or an IW7 version prior to 7.10.0, the dropdown on the left will say Server Admin by default.

If you are using at least 7.10.0, could you provide a screenshot of what you are looking at? A screenshot of both the SiteWorx accounts page and the Reseller page would be helpful.


I’m on the latest IW7. You have it exactly right with your screenshot.

On this NodeWorx > SiteWorx listing page where it defaults to “All Resellers” as expected, it only shows Server Admin websites. If I switch to Server Admin or one of the resellers and then back to All Resellers then I see what your screenshot shows.

I’ll try it in an incog window and see if that helps, maybe something with the cookies.
EDIT: Didn’t help.


If you still have the issue in private/incognito browsing mode, please submit a ticket to and enable remote assistance, so I can take a look for you. Without the ability to see what you are, or reproduce it outside of your server, there’s not a lot I can do from here. :frowning:


I’m not worried about it, just thought I’d report it if it wasn’t just a glitch for me. If you can’t reproduce it and when you load the SiteWorx screen all the resellers show like your screenshot then it’s probably just me :upside_down_face: