Viewing folder contents

I am new to Interworx after a long time using CPanel so sorry for a newbie question.
I created a folder in my public_html folder for a site on my VPS. I wanted to make some files available for download. The uploaded files could not be seen after entering the URL into the browser. Customer support replied:
"The server does not show the list of files in a folder for security reasons and it is called indexing. I enabled indexing only for the folder so you can view the files. If you need to do this for another folder, then you can add a .htaccess file and added the following line into the file:

Options +Indexes

Then you should be able to view the content of the folder."

Well, that worked but where is the place for enabling the indexing? I can’t see any htaccess file in my download folder so how did the support tech enable the indexing? I have searched all over the place including in this forum but I can’t find an answer.

Hi Maijo

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You need to change file manager to show hidden files

login to your siteworx account, click file manager, settings, preferences, change hidden files to show and save.

I usually like to close file manager and reopen and you can then see hidden files, such as .htaccess etc…

Many thanks


Success! Sorry, maybe I should have tried harder to work that out myself. Your very prompt and effective answer is greatly appreciated, thank you.