VPopmail - reitzeng

I have had this show up in my logwatch the last few days:

--------------------- vpopmail Begin ------------------------

No Such User Found:
reitzeng - 70 Time(s)

---------------------- vpopmail End -------------------------



Somebody trying to access an email account called reitzeng.

We get one called ‘central’ now and then, and it appears from a simliar/same IP as a client checking mails, so he probably has an old account in Outlook somewhere.

Thanks Web.

I had assumed that’s the usual case – but, I know there has never been a user on this system called this before – which, is why it’s odd to me.

I’m not that worried about it, but a strange anomaly none-the-less.


edit – unless someone’s really old Outlook account from years ago happens to have this IP listed as thier POP pull – which they also haven’t checked forever.

Hi JayBaen,

Like I say, we have someone who connects as a user called ‘central’. User never has exsisted (and in fact its out of the standard user naming convention used by InterWorx).

I am guessing that people mainly use hostnames to collect mail, and you never know if they use your main domain name (ie; the hosts) or their own domain name in the server name.

( … didn’t realize ‘central’ had never existed for you, either) …

Also, the POP mail user wouldn’t necessarilly have to be an account created by Iworx, if it did exist it could be an email account created under a Siteworx account - with any naming convention it wanted, no?

In any case – I think we have the same situaiton – rogue user trying to connect to what used to be (in some other lifetime) their POP account at these respective IP addresses. I can live with that.

Thanks for the commiseration,


Hehe :slight_smile:

No worries. “One of those things” I suppose.