VPS Max CPUs/Threads

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Looking at the license options, I see for a VPS there is a Max CPUs/Threads 4, does this mean that anything above 4 will not be touched, or is this a limit of 4 CPU/Threads per process?

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I believe it is the cpu higher then 4 will not be used.

I would need to look back and check the differences though when I’m back later today but IW Joseph May have posted full clarification

I believe for most VPS, 4 cpu would be fine.

If you needed the full cpu you would need to change licence but the cost is marginal

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That license will not limit the number of CPU’s used. You will only get a warning that the license is not valid for the server you have it on. Then after a period of time the InterWorx UI, CLI and API will stop working. Other services will keep working.

So you can use the license on a VPS and upgrade it without worrying about the NodeWorx getting disabled so long as you upgrade the license within that period of time. We have not settled on a how long yet. Currently its a month. That period will not reset though, if you downgrade and then upgrade again later.

We are thinking about adding to this license. Possibly an upgrade option to add more threads or extend the period between upgrade and the UI getting disabled.

Ok, thanks, so I just will get the full $20 license.

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No problem, glad we could help!

How long does it take to activate the license? I ask as I ordered about 45 minutes ago an its not active yet?


I’ve gone ahead and activated the license. Sorry for the delay. I think that should have been activated automatically, I will follow up with our sales manager.

Thank you very much!