Warning: High Server Load


I have very big problem with server sometimes.

I got message: Warning: High Server Load and problem is that it is very very difficult found why Server Load. I have to analyze all log files of all domains, look inside and analyze count of access.
It is really difficult to found which domain access abnormally times.

Please help. Could you modify System Health which will send information which domain do Server Load?

I thing that it is very strong information for administrators.

Thank you very much


yes i would very much like this as well.


I agree that it would be useful, but I’m not sure how possible/reliable it would be. Since we’re looking at the system load numbers, they’re averaged over a 1, 5, or 15-minute period, and pinpointing “why” is rarely possible. We shy away from things that feel like “guessing” - it’s better to let the admins know that something unusual is happening (as indicated by the high load) to let them investigate and hopefully fix it before their customers start complaining to them.


Hi Tim,

What about optionally including a snap of the top or ps aux command to help narrow down the offender?


You might include a snap of iostat as well - iowait tends to bump load up quickly.