Warning - Mass import issue - not IW fault

I hope this helps someone, as it took a few days to realise what was going wrong, and I have apologised to IW for wasting their time.
We introduced a new server, and were migrating client accounts from our old platform to the new platform, using the mass import feature of IW.
We received reports from clients that there were missing some files, and checking showed this was true, but the import log showed successful for import…
IW could not reproduce this on their test servers, but their excellent support still took time to look, and help - Kudos to them
I realised this morning, what the issus was, and it was some cron jobs we had running for protection to our systems, which were deleting those files. To fully test this, I set the cron jobs to run daily, and reimported the clients - result, everything is fine, no missing files
So, if you experience the same issue, please check your cron jobs, to make sure you do not have any which would interphere with the import
I hope that helps someone in the future, and kudos to IW, they rock
Many thanks

Hi John,

I have recently done a migration as well.

Another issue i have found is sometimes with resellers an IP is not selected or some with no IPs and no dropdown to select IP for some accounts during mass transfer

> If an IP is not shown select it from a dropdown list (You can do this in mass)
> If there is no IP shown and nothing to select another reseller and then change it back to the original reseller account it will then show the IPs.