Warning: SOA Serial Number

When using a DNS Report tool at this site: http://www.dnsreport.com/

I get a few “FAIL” and many “WARNINGS”, one being the following on ALL my sites created via Interworx:

“SOA Serial Number”

"WARNING: Your SOA serial number is: 1107033378. That is OK, but the recommended format (per RFC1912 2.2) is YYYYMMDDnn, where ‘nn’ is the revision. For example, if you are making the 3rd change on 02 May 2000, you would use 2000050203. This number must be incremented every time you make a DNS change.

Your SOA serial appears to be the number of seconds since midnight 01 Jan 1970 when the last DNS change was made (tinydns format). That works out to be Sat Jan 29 16:16:18 2005 ."

Why are my all my website’s SOA Serial Number setup using an “old” format?

It’s not an “old” format, tinydns just uses the number of seconds since the Unix epoch. To get it changed, I’d recommend talking to the developers of tinydns, as there’s probably nothing the Iworx team could do about it.

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