webalizer broken on centos6 + iworx

I did installed iworx-cp on a centos 6 server for testing and noticed webalizer is broken, description of the problem is very similar to the one at:

however I did also noticed that I have centos webalizer package installed and not iworx one (and no, I had not it already installed before installing iworx), see:

rpm -q webalizer

I guess because centos package is actually greater version than iworx one (2.01)… what should I do to sort it? remove centos webalizer package and install iworx one, or force an update, or…?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I did an:
rpm -Uvh --force http://updates.interworx.com/iworx/RPMS/cos6x/x86_64/webalizer-2.01_10-101.rhe6x.iworx.x86_64.rpm


iworx webalizer package installed… however problem persists… :frowning:

ps: also now when running yum update it wants to update to centos webalizer package obviously…

ok, probably something was broken with webalizer hist files? I did noticed that when running stats.pex webalizer files were not being updated at
(and yes, I did a new request to the test site before running stats.pex)
the only way I did found to sort it was to remove all files at
then run stats.pex again and sorted :slight_smile:

ok problem not fully sorted :frowning: this morning webstat got auto-updated to centos package again, even despite I do have OS updates disabled (see attachment image)

also, why there is not an option to disable iworx auto-updates? is there any way to disable them?




to your yum.conf. This will resolve that issue. Periodically run

yum check-update --disableexcludes=all

to see if iworx has an updated package, at which point you can remove the yum.conf line.

This is a very good question, and one I’d like an answer to myself.

Thank you zombie process :slight_smile: I did already thought about exclude before, was just trying to find a way to not exclude even future iworx versions… but your idea to check it from time to time is also good :slight_smile:

Anyway found it weird why it got updated even with OS auto updates disabled, can only guess that somehow iworx did it when checking for iworx updates, not correct anyway… and find it weird why there is no option to disable iworx auto updates… :slight_smile:

Another thing that you may have to do is to erase the old stats in /home//var//stats/webalizer/ if it is still not displaying correctly after running stats.pex.

This really seems to be an issue in CentOS 6 and not 5.