Webalizer config file

I edited the webalizer config file “/etc/webalizer.conf”, so a link will be provided for complete stats, as for example the 100 referrals is far from enough, like this:

AllSites yes
AllURLs yes
AllReferrers yes
AllAgents yes
AllSearchStr yes
AllUsers yes

I then restarted Apache, but running Webalizer through SiteWorx, still does not show a link to remaining stat results.

What am I missing here?

You’ll want to edit /home/interworx/etc/webalizer.conf



that was actually the file I edited (/home/interworx/etc/webalizer.conf).

I just mixed it up with another config file while browsing.

So in others word; I did edit the correct file, I did restart Apache, but the stats page does not reflect the change.

Two more questions regarding Webalizer through SiteWorx:

  1. Where do I specify how often the stats resuslts are updated, that is reflected through Webalizer?

  2. The text in the “Total Referrers” section is cut off at the right side, even though they are plenty of space left in the column. This make it difficult to glance down the page, and get an overview, especially when you have similar referrers. Instead I have to hover over the text to view the link. NOTE: None of the other stat sections, example “Total URLs” and “Total Exit Pages” on the Webalizer page cuts of text, only in the “Total Referrers” section.

Webalizer stats are updated once every 24 hours. You currently can’t configure this to change it. So just changing the config file won’t make any changes happen immediately. The next time stats are run the change will show up.

I’ll have to look into the Total Referrers thing.


Ok Paul,

I waited until the next stats update, and indeed the links to additional (ALL) information is now added to the Webstats page.

However ALL the links are wrong/bad/broken, that is they cannot be found.

Example link for all referrers (IP address removed)


Please advise…

I assume there is some webalizer configuration directive where you specify the “base” for the links. Right now it looks like the links are all relative to the current location, which is why they look like that. I’m not sure what this directive would be off hand, do you have any idea?



I don’t see a base directive in the webalizer config file.

But I did find the PHP generated stat pages. They are in:


Where user is the account name, and usersite.com is the account holders website URL.

It is pretty important to me, that I can easily get to see a complete overview of my logs on a stat page(s) through SiteWorx.

I don’t have much time to go look for a stats program that can crunch my logfiles, and prefer not to work with numerous little specialty programs, so please reply here when this problem has been solved.