Webmail and interworx panell all time down !!

Its possibel have some news of status about why interworx panel down frequently?

I already open ticket for this, and the trouble its mysql server used for system its down, for some reason mysql down frequently.

The tech say on the ticket they are working to try figure why this happen.

SRS !!! this need faster fix, all my customer complain all time bevcasue cant access to webmail! or the pannel.

When this have fix?

When iworx panel have some sistem for test if panel and webmail its up, and if not, restart services needed?

Please this is very important!!


Do you have a reproducable case that causes the InterWorx-CP MySQL to go down? Have you been able to track down any more information about the exact situation in which this happens?


No, really cant, thsi happen all time in all my servers.
Doqwn and down over and over again.
But happen 2 or 3 times per day, everyday.
Load ons erver its little.

I use cron for restart every hour interworx, for skip this trouble.

I can remove script, and wait system going down.
And open ticket when that happen if your want and you can try track the trouble.
Please confirm if this its possible.

Did you ever figure this out? I think I just had the same thing happen to me.

We had similar cases, but this is because of a bug when it’s clustered and loadballancing is turned on for only the nodes (excluding the Cluster Manager).

Now it’s unloadbalanced, every now and then somebody says they can’t connect to the mail server, but when we test it right after that, there is nothing wrong. So we couldn’t track down if it’s a customer related problem (ADSL etc.) or a server side problem.

Outlook is also Junk when you use it with imap… hangs all the time, no matter with what server and which CP you are using. It becomes even more of a problem when you are using a account with different users.

I not have servers clustered.
And have this rare trouble.
I stay investigating a lot for try detect when this happen, and send tat info to iworx guys.