Webmail - Choice of Packages?

Obviously we have Horde IMP and Squirrelmail. Some people just don’t like either and find them too fugly.

Honestly, I don’t think you guys should support two packages. I know you want to provide options to your users - its great, really. But it means more complication for you, does it not? If you are going to support two web mail packages officialy, you might as well do official CP control of mod_python, mod_ruby, and PHP5 too, right? :slight_smile: Well, you should probably do this anyway, at least the first two :slight_smile:

That said, perhaps sticking with a single webmail package (styled with some CSS magic to make it look a bit more attractive) and having the other as an optional, unsupported install may be a good choice. I say this to try and convince you go throw together an official package for RoundCube. Its beta right now (no where near a 1.0, really), but in the future :slight_smile:

Horde was chosen because InterWorx/Nexcess use it internally and the staff seemed to like it. Squirrelmail was added because of numerous requests for an alternative and a suggestion from one persistant forum membe in particular. :wink:

Last spring someone suggested we add RoundCube as a third alternative which we rejected at the time for reasons you stated about making it more complicated to maintain.

That being said we’ve kept an eye on Roundcube and your suggestion will certainly be considered. Since then I’ve has requests for it from numerous people including one of our resellers, so we’ll see what happens.

I personally think the two options are ok.

Well giving feed back, never really liked SquirrelMail, or Horde. It seems so out dated, maybe a facial “make over is what they really need”

In regards to RoundCube, looks just like a open source of @Mail. http://www.atmail.com/

I really LIKE that email packaging, but cant afford it. If RoundCube was anything like atmail.com I vote for it!

I like Squirrelmail for it’s simplicity and clean (yet ugly) design.

The problem I ran in to is that people thought IMP was too clutterd and complicated, and SquirrelMail was fugly. Oringialy I was looking at @mail, but for some odd reason the entire package uses hard-coded paths, making it impossible to install properly on a shared server. Too bad, they lost the sale :stuck_out_tongue: RoundCube looked nice and installed with no issue, so that’s what we went with.

disabling webmail

I don’t want to offer any webmail to my clients, is there a way to disable horde and squirrelmail completely?

What is the cleanest way to do this?

You can remove the links from the SiteWorx templates for a start, and then comment out, in /etc/httpd/conf.d/iworx.conf the lines which re-write for webmail.

You then to completely disable it, will need to comment out the webmail paths in /home/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd.conf (I think)

Thanks - it was actually /usr/local/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd-custom.conf

/usr/local/interworx and /home/interworx are mapped together. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

You can also just not tell your clients about it and remove the link to it in the template you are using.

And of course you can actually disable it (as demonstrated above), HOWEVER any of these changes may be overwritten in an InterWorx update.

I’ve never seen Horde run as well as it does on Interworx. Plus the iWorx team has done a nice job of adding spam filters, easy and reliable password forms, and other plugs. And I especially appreciate how Horde’s left hand knows what Squirrelmail’s right hand is doing with imap.

I’ve never really liked Horde but I always liked IMP. If iWorx expands on Horde’s groupware functionality (possible on Courier-imap if I’m not mistaken) or supports LDAP down the road, I’d especially like to see iWorx support the Horde project by continuing to set it up like it should be.

I agree that Squirrelmail seems bland sometimes, and its css themes are all ugly, but it’s a superior mail client in my book. It’s important for trouble shooting imap folders and connection problems even if it’s not a user’s regular client. And iWorx beautified it with plugins that always gave me nightmares when I installed them myself. The password plugin alone in both Squirrelmail and Horde is a a great relief other control panels can’t seem to deliver.