Webmail issues

I had some system problems that prevented me from upgrading to 4.x until recently.

I just discovered that none of the webmail clients work anymore.

(which wasn’t the error I got the first tile… I think it complained about tls://

(also not the same error I originally got)

No proxy is in use anywhere.

I’d suggest opening a support ticket, we’ll have a look.

There actually is a proxy server in play, depending how you connect to webmail. If you connect via yourdomain.com/webmail, the client Apache has a proxy to the InterWorx Apache on port 2080 or 2443, depending how you connect.

One thing to check would be accessing webmail through the InterWorx ports directly, and see if there’s a larger problem. You can go to https://yourdomain.com:2443/webmail for example.


It does work directly.

I restarted my main Apache service (from NodeWorx’s Service Status screen) and all is well.

Well, Horde doesn’t seem to want to login, but Squirrelmail and RoundCube do.