Webmail Sluggish

I turned on a new customer this week that has primarily web mail users and I’m getting flooded with complaints of it being very “sluggish”

Is there something I can do to tighten up the webmail interface, I noticed that it is indeed sluggish and I am running from the same network hop as the server!

Any ideas? getting beat up with emails from users

Is this an error I should be concerned with

[28-Nov-2009 13:59:18] MDB2 Error: unknown error (-1): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]
[Last executed query: SET NAMES ‘utf8’]
[Native code: 1193]
[Native message: Unknown system variable ‘NAMES’]

That error is in the roundcube error log file.

Hi Trafalger -

Sorry for the delay in response!

The webmail is served by the InterWorx PHP/MySQL install. Since (most) installs don’t have much of a load, it’s optimized more for “low footprint” than “high performance”.

In this case, I suggest you open a support ticket so we can try to re-tune your installation for better performance in the webmail.


Great I will do that.

I sent in a ticket but in the meantime is there something I can do on my end to “see” if the performance turning is really what is causing the delays?