Webmail system


I?m searching for a web based email system for add to Interworx. Does anyone try to do this? What webmail have you used?


I think InterWorx has as an IMAP server set up, and if that’s the case, its very easy to tie Horde-IMP in. I do it at home for easy access out of the house. Once Horde and IMP are set up, there is pretty much no maintaince, save updates, to perform on the webmail app from an administrative standpoint.

It does use IMAP based e-mail and comes installed with Horde/IMP webmail (http://horde.org). There have been others that have successfully installed squirrerlmail as well (just search on this board for squirrelmail).



Sorry for posting in an old thread.

Does SiteWorx still only have Horde/IMP, and if so are there any plans in the future to add others such as say SquirrelMail? (Meaning we don’t need to add SquirrelMail ourselves)

Personally I love Horde/IMP, however there are many who prefer NeoMail or SquirrelMail over it - Maybe have the possibility to install various ones?

Also, sorry I forgot to add this before, but:

I’ve no idea how it works. In cPanel you go to site.com:2095, in Plesk you go to webmail.site.com - In the demo of siteworx it’d seem that you go to site.com:2080/webmail

Is there anyway to have it so people can log into web mail without logging into the control panel? For example having it as webmail.site.com or as site.com:2095 or a different port?

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You can get to webmail simply by going to yourdomain.com/webmail

Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Any idea on the first question?

We’ll definitely consider it Anjay as it has been asked for in the past. We don’t have plans for this in the next version but as we continue planning we’ll address it and let all know.


Ok, thanks for that. :slight_smile:

Just creating the subdomain webmail.yourdomain.com should let you log in.